Crack the Shutters and open your eyes!

So Patrol are a band of fans, formed for fans. With the release of "A Hundred Million Suns",
Snow Patrol have cemented themselves as one of the biggest bands of the 00's.

This unfortunately comes with a price. Getting to see the real thing becomes more
and more expensive and the intimacy of the smaller venue gets lost forever.

Time to take back the city

So Patrol - from the heart of England offer the country's only tribute band to Snow Patrol.
They perform all of the singles and more besides; A set for fans.
Crunching guitars, thrashing drums, pounding bass, encompassing keyboards,
five part harmonies - So Patrol play the songs as they are meant to be.

On November 26th, 2006 "Eyes Open" became the UK's best-selling album of the year,
overtaking the previous leader "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"
by Arctic Monkeys and beating Take That's comeback album "Beautiful World" into second place.

It's time the fans got the tribute band they deserved, it's time to stop chasing cars,'s time for So Patrol...

So Patrol at Matthew Street Festival

So Patrol playing the excellent Matthew Street festival. A great day, here's a little video from the show. maybe you were there? Get in touch!


So Patrol @ Warriors Rock 16

Some images from So Patrol's headline slot at the Warriors Rock 16 festival - Great event and massive thanks to Liam.


Coming to Ballymoney

So Patrol get together in the lounge (cheers Si!) and record a little acoustic snippet for the folks in Northern Ireland.